A New Horizon

Mala Moragain

Well, it’s been quite a tumultuous few weeks. And as per the status quo, the world is in its natural state of chaos. However, I found myself having the same conversation on more than a few occasions the passed few weeks. And it’s something our community might agree with. (Or maybe not, because… Well, you know… Chaos.)

I was appalled by the whole food/water situation for voters when I saw a news report on it. And of course, my friends and I were having discussions on probable solutions. But I think the one thing we agree upon above all else was this: anything that willfully and openly denies any human being the right to access food or water should immediately be condemned as inhumane.

The more we talked about, the more a vision grew. It also drew more questions about the validity of how dedicated to its people our politician’s truly are. And the more closely one looks, the less concerned about the people these seat holders become. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to invite anything but perspective here. I don’t generally go in for conspiracy theories or promote violence or political based hatred in any way.

But if our politician’s and civil engineers truly cared about the people they served, we would have more access to things that improve our quality of life. Being in the mega-city of Toronto, many of my friends and neighbours have small plots in some of the micro-gardens across the city. Yet, it is considered rude to just pluck from one of these gardens if you’re hungry. I will say, some of my neighbours have had their gardens picked over here and there and if it feeds someone else, they’re usually pretty relaxed about it. Because the idea is to feed for less. And some of us just truly enjoy gardening. More often than not, we also get more of one thing than we can usually eat, too.

I’m fortunate in that I’m able to make my indoor windows and balcony a fairly green space. I also am graced with access to my Mother In Law’s 100 acre farm. Her home really is my happy place. It’s a place where my loved ones and I can roam freely and enjoy the many fruits of the land, be it a beautiful view or a snack on a walk from a nearby apple tree. It is my place where I get to connect to the land and remind myself why I chose my Path.

Can you imagine, though, if you could walk down Yonge Street towards downtown Toronto and pick something as you go? Instead of little oak or maple trees lining the sidewalks, why shouldn’t we put some hardy fruit trees instead? Instead of a flower bed or a row of bushes, why not have vegetables and edible bush fruits?

Our food pantries and homeless service centre are often lacking in enough support to provide food to all those in need. This could help solve that deficit. It would be a wonderful experience to those who come in the warmer months for tourism. I can’t imagine it wouldn’t also be very beautiful. While we’re at it, why not have a fruit tree or more in a local park with a playground? What kid wouldn’t enjoy grabbing a quick piece of fruit for a snack?

Canadian censuses work to improve areas based on those living there. We could probably add an allergies section (since they are anonymous, anyway) to make sure we don’t plant something a resident might not be able to be around. And place a marker to tell what is available and where.

I’m obviously surrounded by wonderful, like minded people here at home. But if we start to spread this ideal, maybe we can make it into a true movement. Before you ask, yes, I am a member of the Green Party (since 1996 in NY). The party seems to be slowly gaining ground as the years progress. It’s not as socialistic as most people assume. But each person needs to do their own research and adhere to the values they feel are important to them. We can only make the deepest changes on a personal level, but that doesn’t mean that by setting a positive example we can’t make change on a larger scale together.

No, I’m not asking you to join my party. I don’t think this is about politics as much as old politicians who just can’t move with the times. I also don’t believe only the GP is interested in the people. But we do have an unexpected opportunity to show we mean this is important on a societal level. If we’re all stuck at home, we can make our spaces into what we want to see on a larger level.

I’ve asked my superintendent and property owners about starting a small community garden in our courtyard. Our property is also seeking to replace some trees that have died. So, I asked them to consider fruit trees as they line the sidewalk area and could even increase the property value. I can already see it’s going to be a bit of a process. I have also been talking to my neighbours, asking what they would think of these changes. Most seem pretty positive and some seem indifferent. But at least they spoke with me. So, that makes me happy because even the asking provides an opportunity to improve neighbour relations.

How about you? I, for one, would love to hear thoughts from my Pagan community on starting to get our villages, towns, and cities on board for positive change. How do you feel about not allowing people to be provided with food or drink because they’re in a line up to vote? What are your ideas on a better living environment for all? Maybe there is something else you think would help improve our quality of life? How would you like to make a difference? Let’s hear it!

I know this site is still growing, so I won’t be too broken hearted if I don’t see any responses. Maybe this will just give others a bit of food for thought. If it gets even one person thinking, then that is progress!

Stay safe and be happy. And thank you for giving me a moment of your time.


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