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What is Pagan,World?

Pagan.World is an online directory to the Pagan community.  Primarily a website where individuals can seek out local groups, stores, services and events, with ease and speed of the Internet.  Beyond that, since the Community has grown, you will be able to connect with people of like minds anywhere in the world. Pagan.World will give the ability to Act Locally, Connect Globally. Pagan.World will provide improved ways and tools to communicate and connect safely.

How does Pagan.World work? At the core, Pagan.World is a database, which offers information to the seeker, through listings and profile pages.  All information is derived by Seekers who provide it through the site, keeping it relevant and current. This will be converted into listings, profiles, and pages of information, available through menus and direct queries. You will be able to locate your town finding the listings and contacts that help you.
 In order to provide better connections, we are using Social Broadcasting tools.  This will allow us to connect online, from one to one, one to many, and many to many. This will allow visual, audio, text, and other forms of connecting communication tools.